Welcome to Sherry's Kitchen Table

Providing Inspiration to Home Cooks

Easy simple recipes from my table to yours!

Are you bored of eating the same old stuff, in a rut and don’t know what to cook? Are you busy, and don’t have the will to make meals that take hours of preparation? Do you buy too much food and end up wasting? Don’t know what to do with leftovers?

Then Sherry’s Kitchen Table is where you will find a huge variety of easy to make, healthy meals for you and your family, including conjuring up delicious dishes with leftovers. Make Sherry’s Kitchen Table your go to place for everyday cooking ideas.

I’ll help you to buy spices and staples to make cooking with my recipes easy. I’ll encourage you to use your own judgement about how to use the recipe, keeping it vegetarian, or adding meat, and to try different ways to cook the same recipe. You will never have to worry again about not having variety on your dinner table and you will gain confidence in your own ability to cook great food every day.