Ridiculously quick and easy, this will become a family favourite

­čŹůSUNDRIED TOMATO MOZZARELLA & ROCKET PASTA ( with optional leftover chicken)

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 5 mins Cook Time 12 mins Total Time 17 mins
Servings: 2
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


Who knew that a small pack of sundried tomato, mozzarella balls and pesto could provide a quick easy pasta meal that had so much flavour !
The chicken is optional- leftovers from a roast. This recipe has awesome flavours with or without it. But do add oyster mushrooms if you want some chewy meaty flavours without the chicken.
The pungent rocket provides a perfect note alongside the sweetness of mozzarella. And it all comes together in the time it takes to boil the pasta 



  1. Set the water to boil and cook pasta to instructions
    While itÔÇÖs cooking - Heat the oil in a wide pan. Saut├ę onions and garlic for a few mins. Add the mushrooms and saut├ę.
    Add the chicken if you are using and mix. Add the sundried tomato and mozzarella mix along with the creme fraiche. Mix well.
    Add the cooked pasta and a little water from it. Mix well.
    Add the rocket and mix again.
    Serve immediately with grated Parmesan and toasted pine nuts
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