Chicken Leek and Mushroom pie, a delicious creamy recipe with lots of vegetables, to use up all your roast chicken leftovers


Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 15 mins Cook Time 45 mins Rest Time 60 mins Total Time 2 hrs
Servings: 4
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


We all love a roast at the weekends. Often though, there will be leftovers - some of the roast meat, usually some vegetables too.

We know that wasting food is so bad for the environment. For me its always been a moral issue too. I grew up in India where so many people go hungry every day - the thought of wasting food has always felt wrong. 

I love turning leftovers into what feels like a completely new meal. Throughout my website you will find ideas and tips as well as recipes for your leftovers. 

My Sunday roast chicken became this lovely creamy pie, an easy mid week meal full of vegetables too. 

I used shop bought pastry - and why not when its so perfect every time. Your time is important, use it to enjoy the food you create!

Options: you can use any leftover cooked meat here. I used chicken but also had a little ham leftover so I put that in too. 

Green vegetables are a must here - but use what you have in the fridge or freezer. Peas, broad beans, asparagus, or green beans will all work. Courgettes can be watery but if you roast them separately then add them, they will work too. Similarly fresh spinach - blanch, then squeeze the water out before adding. 

Vegetarian option: Omit the meat, up the mushrooms, and add cooked broad beans. 

Have a look at this You Tube Video I made to give you a quick idea. Mind how you drool!



  1. In a deep wide pan, heat the oil and butter. 

    Add the onions and leeks and soften on medium heat. 

    Add the mushrooms and brown them a little. 

    Add the broccoli and saute for a minute or two. 

    Add the garlic, parsley and tarragon and sautee for a min. 

    Now add the cooked chicken (and or other meat) and mix it in. I added some cooked leftover ham too, which gives it a lovely flavour. 


  2. Now sprinkle the flour over with a sieve (I use a handy little tea strainer). Mix it in. 

    Add the warm milk, stir well and let it come to a simmer. It should start to thicken. Adjust the flour and milk if you want a bit more sauce. There won't be any soggy bottoms because the pastry is just a topping. You want every mouthful to feel creamy. 

    If you want to add more leftover cooked veg, then do that now. Just make sure you have enough sauce for it. 

    Put the mix in your pie dish and let it cool for an hour. Laying pastry on top of the hot mixture will melt it and make it difficult to handle.

    You can make the mix ahead and leave it in the fridge for a day. Just bring to room temperature before the next stage. 

    Heat your oven to 200C

    Roll your pastry out as per the instructions. Remember puff pastry shouldn't be handled too much as it will not rise. Lay it over the top of the dish, trim the edges, saving them for decorations, using a little flour and water mix to stick them down like glue - be creative! Pinch the pastry to the sides. Make a small slit to let air escape. 

    Brush with beaten egg. 

  3. Put it in the oven for 30/35 mins, till the pastry is puffed and golden. 

    Turn it around once mid way to ensure even colouring. 

  4. This quick and easy meal needs no extras - it has all the meat and veg you would want and it is oh soooo satisfying. 

    Best of all not much clearing up to do either! 

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