A quick mid week detox meal, tasty, high in vitamin D - so great during winter months when the sun is missing.


Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 mins Cook Time 15 mins Total Time 25 mins
Servings: 4


I forget how much I love trout, how easy it is to cook and to eat - the centre bone just lifts out with all the bones and you get yourself some lovely meaty fish fillets you can enjoy. 

So move over Salmon - Trout is the new fish in my pan!  

Trout is high in Vitamins D, Vitamins B6, B12 and magnesium. So its great for your winter months when the sun goes missing and you could do with an energy boost. 

These lovely fresh trout came straight from my local fishmongers. I quite like crispy skin on my fish but my mister is fussy. So I have prepared the cooked fish, removing the bones and arranging the fillets before serving. The butter lemon sauce does work very well like this, soaking through the fish to flavour it beautifully. 
I have used a little chopped rosemary in the sauce. As it warms it releases a wonderful aroma - and flavours the butter beautifully. Do try it, but if you aren't keen, use parsley instead.. 

I fried the fish in a hot heavy pan and then covered it till it cooked through - almost like an oven. However you can just put it in the oven (at 210C for 20 mins). 

Options: you can stuff this with seasoned cherry tomatoes, onions and peppers before roasting for a taste of the Mediterranean. 

Serve with seasoned herb rice (see my recipe) and a salad in the summer. (I served it with spring onion and chilli mayo new potatoes and some greens. 

Leftovers? - well its obvious isn't it? Fishcakes!! (check out my recipe which will follow this one! 

Want a little drool? 




  1. Prepare your fish - remove head and tail and use them for stock for another recipe. (pop them in the freezer if you don't want to use them straight away. 


  2. Make deep cuts into the sides. Season with olive oil, salt, pepper and minced garlic, rubbing it all over the skin and into the cuts. 

    Heat a heavy bottom pan, Add the olive oil. Dust the fish lightly with flour and and when the oil is hot, add the fish to the pan. 

    Leave for 3/4 mins till it comes away from the pan without sticking. Flip and repeat. 

    Cover the pan with its lid and let it cook on low heat for a further 6/7 mins.  

  3. Prepare the sauce: Mix together the butter, lemon juice, salt,(to taste) pepper and chopped rosemary. Heat it gently in a pan till its all melted and you can smell the rosemary. 

    Take it off the heat, add the capers and set aside. Keep it warm

  4. Once the fish is cooked, prepare it for serving. Remove the skin from the fish - it will lift away. Lift the fillet out with your fish knife. Then remove the centre bone which will lift all the other bones out in one piece. You will have two fillets per fish. 

    Arrange your fish on a platter. 

    Pour the warm melted butter sauce on and serve immediately. 

  5. We enjoyed this meal with new potatoes dressed with chilli mayo and spring onion and some greens. I prepared this ahead so that it was ready to go when I served the fish.

    It was just such a lovely mid week meal. 

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