A salty meaty stock with sweet carrots and parsnips make a delicious soup - a real winter warmer. A leftovers delight


Best Season: Winter


I kept an eye on the future during Christmas feasting. If you are serving a gammon ham, then make the most of the stock. 

You can freeze this for another day or simply use up the Christmas leftover vegetables to make a delicious soup - a real winter warmer and a leftovers delight.

Options: if you have some leftover ham, shred this to serve on top. 

If you want to keep it vegetarian/vegan, then simply make some vegetable stock without the meat. 

You can add other vegetables like brussel sprouts and even potatoes, which will thicken it nicely. 

A tin of cannelloni beans blended in with the soup works perfectly too. 



For the Stock

For the soup



    Boil the gammon once and discard the water.

    Then add the ingredients for the stock and bring to the boil. 

    Skim off any scum on top, then lower heat and cook the gammon according to recipe. 

    Strain and reserve the stock. You can freeze this to use for other soup or risotto recipes too.



  2. When the stock is cooler, add the cooked leftover vegetables to the stock and blend smooth with a hand held blender. 

    Warm it before serving, Add a little olive oil, roasted ground cumin, parsley and paprika to the top, with a grating of parmesan. 

    You can also serve with croutons and shredded ham. Some sourdough goes perfectly with this to make a very satisfying warming hearty meal. 

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