Difficulty: Intermediate Prep Time 15 mins Cook Time 20 mins Total Time 35 mins
Servings: 2
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


The shiny purple black aubergine which comes in so many different shapes and sizes is such a versatile vegetable. Its spongy flesh soaks up the flavours and spices you offer it and releases them in your mouth with every bite. I love using it in all types of food, Chinese, Thai, Italian and of course Indian.

I have an abundance of pickle jars in several different flavours in my larder. I decided to use a hot garlic pickle here to add a kick and it works. You will never look at a pickle jar again in the same way!

I hope you will find today's recipe a winner.  Its perfect with rotis or paratha and some raita and salad. Enjoy!



  1. Put the aubergine and potato cubes in a bowl and add the turmeric and garam masala with a little water and mix thoroughly coating everything. Set aside

    In a pan, heat some oil and when hot add the cumin and mustard seeds and let it sputter.

    Add the curry leaves and onions and saute for a  min or two. 

    Add the pickle and tomato paste and cook for a min. 

    Add the potato and aubergines and salt to taste. Mix well. 


  1. Mix in the frozen peas, cover  and cook on low/medium heat for 15/20 mins until the potatoes are tender. Stir the veg to make sure it isn't catching. The peas should release enough water to cook everything but you may need to add a few splashes additionally.

    Add the coriander before serving with a lovely red onion, tomato and radish salad dressed in red wine vinegar.

    I also made a cucumber and mint raita and served it with dal parathas made by a friend. 

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